Lab Values Quiz for iPhone 1.02

Now available for free. Download today*iOS version 4.3 minimum requirement*Check out the YouTube clip of Lab Values Quiz: Values Quiz is an innovative new way to learn lab values on the go. Tap and ...

Lab Values Quiz for iPhone 1.02

Now available for free. Download today

*iOS version 4.3 minimum requirement*
Check out the YouTube clip of Lab Values Quiz:

Lab Values Quiz is an innovative new way to learn lab values on the go. Tap and swipe your way through 12 categories and over 280 lab values.

Whether you have 3 minutes to brush up your knowledge or an afternoon to cover all the topics, Lab Values Quiz is here to accommodate and engage you!


- Clear layout with engaging animations and audio

- Innovative quizzing using swiping to transverse questions rapidly

- 3 Game Play modes: REVIEW, QUIZ, GLOBAL

- 12 Categories: Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Hematology, Hepatology, Hormones, Immunology, Nephrology, Nutrition, Pregnancy, Pulmonology, Tumors, Wards

- Over 280 Labs to master and utilize in your daily activities

- Special category: Wards. This category specifically has labs that are commonly encountered on the wards- essential for any physician, resident, nurse, and students.

- Game Center enabled! You can see where your knowledge stands on a global arena. Unlock achievements by increasing your knowledge and scoring higher.

How to use:

When you start Lab Values Quiz app for the first time, an alert will open the help screen for you. You may revisit the help screen at any point by pressing on the question button in the upper right part of the screen.

You have three options of game play. Choose the area you would like to play: Review, Quiz, Global.

Review Mode:

This is the recommended mode to start with and will give you the opportunity to review each category. Your answer selection will be from a multiple choice of lab ranges. You can read more information about that lab value by pressing the "i" or info button in the lower left portion of the screen.

Quiz Mode:

In this mode, you can choose multiple categories of interest and press start icon to start your quiz. Lab Values Quiz uses an innovative approach to testing your knowledge by presenting you a lab value. Based on the lab value given, you can swipe your finger across the screen in the direction of the answer.

Swipe up: The lab value is high
Swipe down: The lab value is low
Swipe left: The lab value is normal

Using this novel method of quizzing, you can easily fly through a large volume of information in a short amount of time.

Global Mode:

Take the global challenge on Game Center! Compete to get the highest score and see how your peers match up with you. You have five lives to get as many labs correct as possible. Bring it on!

We hope you enjoy our first application. It was a passion of the heart to provide an aesthetically and functionally pleasing product to empower and expand minds.

Rate us 5 stars and spread the word!

Lab Values Quiz flyers for your nursing/residents/physicians/student lounge can be printed from the pdf on our site.

Drop us a line if you have any suggestions or questions:

NOTE: All apps including "Lab Values Quiz" using ARC technology require iOS 4.3 or higher. Please check your iOS version under "Settings" --> "General" --> "About"

Your iOS version will be under "Version"

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